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Students Typing at Their Computers

Whether you want to uncover the secrets of the universe, or you just want to pursue a career in

the 21st century, basic computer programming is an essential skill to learn.

- Stephen Hawking  

Scratch Coders

Age: 7 - 11

Children who take their initial steps in coding will learn block-based visual programming language using a popular interface called Scratch MIT Edu.


They start by solving simple puzzles using colorful drag and drop blocks and move towards creating their own graphic art, animations, and stories. 


At their own pace, children learn basic programming concepts such as loops, sequencing, variables and controls. They develop their own interactive music and drama, algorithms and complex animations.


Our Scratch coders will have gradually developed their confidence and logical thinking skills to create their own simple games that they can share and play with their friends.

**Coming Soon**

MicroBIT Coders

Age: 11 - 14

Children having some coding experience will learn device-based programming using BBC MicroBIT either using block-based or text-based languages.

They not only create their own computer games and musical instruments but transfer the code to a pocket-sized physical computer and use its controllers and sensors to play multi-player games with their friends.

We will encourage pair programming so children will spontaneously dive into learning programming concepts such as Conditional Logic, Arithmetic Coding, Boolean operators, Functions, and Arrays.

Our creative coders will learn and debug syntactic coding using JavaScript which is a popularly used scripting language, thus becoming more self-independent thinkers.

**Coming soon**

Note: Due to the Covid-19 situation, currently we are only able to offer some of the courses. Please read our Autumn Term 2020 for available courses.

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