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MicroBIT Coders

The new BBC micro:bit is a powerful micro-controller where hardware meets software to help children create real-world outcomes. With our KS2 and KS3 Design & Technology focused curriculum, students will gain fluency and technical knowledge in device-based programming.

Children having some coding experience will build programmable components using microBIT either using block-based interface such as Microsoft MakeCode or EduBlock or text-based languages in Python.

What does your child learn

Build hands-on prototypes using LEDs, Inputs/Outputs, Radio, Sensors, Compass, Sound and Accelerometer to create real working electronic devices.

Apply computing to embed intelligence into the device using block-based or text-based coding using loops, variables, conditionals, algorithms and connected systems using Bluetooth.

Design electrical circuits using wires and switches, program a musical instrument, connect to external devices thus gain an introduction to IoT programming.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

                                                                                                                     - Benjamin Franklin  


Course Overview

Children having some coding experience will use their own 'new version' BBC MicroBIT to create hands-on prototyping to see the immediate success of real-world projects.

They not only create their own games and animations but transfer the code to a pocket-sized physical computer and use its controllers, built-in sensors, and radio communication to play multi-player games with their friends.

Our D&T-focused curriculum will encourage children to make simple practical projects but to understand complex logics such as  Accelerometer, Magnetometer, Bluetooth, and Electrical circuits. This exciting course will transform our student's technical knowledge in Electronics and IoT computing.


Students will program their microbit using block-based coding in Microsoft MakeCode for MicroBIT or text-based programming in Python using EduBlocks interface. EduBlocks is a fantastic way to introduce children to Python which is one of the most popularly used programming languages in the world.

The nature of the course curriculum is aimed towards device-based programming rather than core programming concepts, so if your child is very new to coding please also visit our ScratchCoders course or call us for more information.

DBS checked instructors

Individual laptops and STEM kits

Small friendly classes 

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