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LIVE Online Classes

Each course duration is 5 weeks.

Plus Free Introductory Hour for New Customers

Junior Engineers
5 +
11.00 - 11.45 am
Scratch Coders
8 +
9.30 - 10.30 am
Minecraft Explorers
7 +
2.00 - 3.00 pm

(Choose preferred course during checkout)

Our Online Courses

Minecraft Explorers

Age: 7 +

Minecraft: Education Edition, an incredibly popular game-based learning platform that will unleash your child's passion for STEM learning.


  • 1 : 6 Teacher-Students Ratio

  • Game-based Learning

  • Suitable for Beginners

  • Licensed Education Edition

  • All UK-based Teachers

Scratch Coders

Age: 8 +

Children who take their initial steps in coding will learn the fundamentals of computing using Scratch MIT Edu, a popular block-based interface.


  • 1 : 6 Teacher-Students Ratio

  • No Prior Coding Knowledge needed.

  • Block-based Interface

  • All UK-based Teachers

Junior Engineers

Age: 5 +

Our young minds will be engaged in a fun incredible combination of Scratch Junior and LEGO Bricks challenges in these unique, alternative classes.


  • 1 : 7 Teacher-Students Ratio

  • Alternative Week Coding and LEGO Bricks activities.

  • Fun and interactive session

  • All UK-based Teachers

Online Learning System Requirements

Note: All courses must use a laptop or desktop. No iPads please.

Internet Speed

  1. We recommend a 15mbps download speed or more.

  2. Please check your internet connection.

Computer Requirements

  1. Windows 7 or later (or) Mac OS 10 or later

  2. Minimum 8 GB RAM

  3. At least 1 GB storage space

  4. Chrome or Safari Browser 

Other Requirements

  1. Mouse and Keyboard

  2. Inbuilt speakers, microphone, and camera.

  3. Headset with mic feature (optional)

Minecraft Requirements

  1. Minecraft Education Edition App must be installed.

  2. Once the booking is confirmed, we will send you detailed instructions on how to setup.

  3. Each student will be allocated a licensed user account for use during the class.

Scratch Requirements

  1. No installation required.

  2. Please create a new (or use an existing) Scratch account before the class. Once the booking is confirmed, we will send you detailed instructions on how to setup.

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