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Minecraft Explorers

Minecraft: Education Edition is an incredibly popular game-based learning platform that promotes creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving skills.

Students build critical 21st-century skills using our project-based lessons with topics ranging from Science, Computing, Maths, Arts, Design, and Technology in an immersive environment through the power of play.

What does your child learn

Design with Minecraft: Complete theme-based building challenges with topics ranging from sustainability to space exploration.

Computing with Minecraft: Learn coding and debugging skills while solving time-critical logical 3D puzzles.

Science with Minecraft: Study major environmental problems through prebuilt mine-worlds and build real-life solutions.

You can't use up creativity. The more you use the more you have.

                                                                                                                                      Maya Angelou    

Course Overview

Each class is an individually education-themed 'Hour of Minecraft' where children engage in an incredible mix of gaming, creativity, and programming skills. 


During Minecraft Hours of Computing, students solve 3D puzzles using algorithms and coding to save Minecraft people and villages. Using the power of coding, children create mods, banners, and complex building structures faster than they would build manually.


Minecraft Hour of Science will immerse children into a virtual space exploration world or a sustainability environment with problem-solving objectives and building strategies.

Our popular Hour of Design allows students to join a safe multi-player game environment to design and build complex mine-worlds together as a team.


Minecraft for SEN Children

Our carefully crafted Minecraft: Education SEN program promotes intrinsic motivation and gives children a sense of ownership and independence throughout their learning.

"Unlike other gaming platforms, there is no such thing as 'Game Over' in Minecraft. There are no guidelines or rules, Minecraft gives a sense of ownership and autonomy when it comes to their learning."             

Minecraft: Education SEN program

A Student-Tailored Pacing program run by our special needs teachers, our course structure allows Choice and Freedom for every student throughout the course. Each student is individually accessed with regular feedback to parents. 

During the course, each student will choose from a variety of building challenges with simple problem-solving objectives. Our text-to-speech chat feature will let struggling readers understand and communicate with their mine-worlds. At the end of each class, children will gain a sense of ownership and achievement.

DBS checked instructors

Individual laptops and STEM kits

Small friendly classes 

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