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Science day

Date: 24 July - Science Day

   Age: 5 - 11    

Time: 10 am - 3 pm


Hoe Valley School, Woking GU22 0NH

Price: £50 per day

(We accept childcare vouchers)

Science Day

Get ready for a day filled with hands-on experiments and exciting discoveries at our DIY Science Day! This event is designed to spark curiosity and inspire the scientist in everyone.


Join us for a series of fun and interactive activities that will test your senses, challenge your creativity, and deepen your understanding of the world around you.

Event Highlights:

  1. Testing Your Sense of Smell 

    • Dive into the world of aromas and test your olfactory skills. Can you identify different scents blindfolded?

  2. Dissecting Owl Pellets 

    • Discover what owls eat by dissecting owl pellets. This fascinating activity will give you a peek into the diet and habits of these amazing birds.

  3. Building Robust Structures 

    • Put on your engineering hat and build strong, stable structures using everyday materials. How tall can you go? How much weight can your structure hold?

  4. Litmus Test Experiments 

    • Explore the world of chemistry by conducting litmus tests. Find out which substances are acidic, basic, or neutral through colorful reactions.

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Camp Location

Hoe Valley School

Conveniently located between Guildford and Woking, this college has well-equipped large classrooms that have direct access to a large and safe open space for children's outdoor activities. There is also plenty of parking and a spacious waiting area to drop off and collect children.

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