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Discovery Week 2021

Early Bird Offer 15% Discount

 Duration: 5 Days

   Age: 11 - 14    

Time: 9.30 am - 4.30 pm

 Price: £450

Discount Price: £380

Location: Merrist Wood College,  

Holly Lane, Guildford, GU3 3PE   

                           (See Map and Directions)

 Camp size: 15 children only

Date: 09 Aug - 13 Aug

 (Mon - Fri)

(Suitable for beginners)

(We accept childcare vouchers)

(We recommend bringing your own laptops.

Read laptop requirements before booking.

You can also hire laptops from us)

Camp Location

Merrist Wood College

Set within a stunning Surrey countryside, this green 400-acre College is conveniently located just 3 miles between Guildford and Woking. The well-equipped large classrooms have direct access to a large and safe open space for children's outdoor activities. There is plenty of parking and also a spacious parent waiting area to drop and collect children.

Our courses are designed by industry experts

Introducing our new STEM program for children aged 11+ that aims to inspire students to improve their digital literacy and computational thinking through passion-based learning.

An exciting STEM week that gives children an opportunity to experience a variety of technology, programming, engineering, and scientific design challenges like coding, robotics, virtual reality and many more.

Bring your own laptops so you can install your own software and create your own user accounts.

Meet like-minded students, learn the hottest technologies and build your confidence in STEM.

(Read laptop requirements before booking. You can also hire laptops from us)

Roblox Game Design and Lua Programming

Design and build your own obstacle game in Roblox Studio and publish it for others to play. Configure and create own custom models using Lua programming, a powerful text-based scripting language.

MicroBIT Programming

Using your own latest BBC MicroBIT a pocket-sized computer, and device-based programming called EduBlocks, you will discover your passion for technical knowledge in Electronics and IoT computing.

MIT App Inventor

Create your own simple app for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets using built-in templates and a block-based programming interface and upload it for your friends to use.

Python Coding

Unlock your passion for Python programming, a very popularly used coding language in current businesses, You will explore the fundamentals of programming concepts using a block-based interface called EduBlock.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

AI is a crucial part of our everyday lives in so many ways. Learn the significance of AI and discover the underlying concepts of Machine Learning by doing hands-on experiments that focus on real-world problems.

Our popular freedom time means you get to experience cool technologies during our Discovery Week.

  • Augmented Reality learning

  • Virtual Reality Oculus Experience

  • Customize your own Alexa skills

Bring your own laptop

We recommend bringing your own laptop so you can install all the required software and create your own user accounts needed for the lessons.

  1. Windows 7 or later (or) Mac OS 10 or later

  2. Minimum 8 GB RAM

  3. At least 1 GB storage space

  4. Chrome or Safari Browser 

  5. Mouse and laptop charger

You may also choose to hire a laptop from us while filling the bookings form.

Own laptop

Please read the Discovery Week FAQs for more details or please contact us for more information.

In line with the latest government guidance, we've put in place some strict measures to ensure the safety of the children. Please read our Covid-19 FAQs for more details.

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